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Our services

Bill validation service

Up to 30% of utility supplier bills are understood to be incorrect, so it makes sense to trust expert validators to ensure you only pay for what you use. We recalculate your bills from first principles, using the agreed contract or tariff information, and compare them to the billed charges. Where your bills are wrong, we query these and recover your refunds. We continuously monitor to ensure that bills are corrected and credits are applied.

Cost recovery/back billing

Where validation reveals problems with a bill, we raise a query directly with the KPLC directly. As we deal with suppliers on a daily basis, we have established relationships to quickly resolve any billing errors. All billing query information is stored in our database and made available via our online portal for interrogation. This includes:

  • Summaries of savings achieved
  • Anticipated savings
  • Filterable lists of outstanding and resolved queries
  • Detailed records of each query with full progress histories.
    We are connected with Kenya power through a portal where our queries are filtered

Change Of Occupancy

We handle all incoming and outgoing changes of occupancy for you with your utility providers. We have strict procedures that effectively manage the process of you moving in or out of a property so that you are not overbilled.

Payment reminders and disconnections

We process any payment reminders and disconnection notices received. We prioritize these to ensure that payment is made where appropriate,


We have qualified team that can present your case to KPLC and use out of court settlement methods for bills incurred

Information on Power consumptions

We will provide the latest trends and innovation in power supply and information

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

We can offer solution to your energy and water challenges through alternative saving solutions through water and energy audits at the same time providing financing to the solutions. We are working very closely with banks and financial institutions on programs to enable this service to be provided.

Compliance with regulations

The ability to identify risks, balance the threats and opportunities associated with the risks, take appropriate mitigating action against the risks and track and manage risk over their lifetime. Ensure SMEs are compliant with all Energy and Carbon legislations.

Water and energy audit solutions

We do energy audits and offer certificates thereafter we offer solutions. Liaise with banks to finance solutions

The Process


  • Discover; Our experts begin by working to understand your business objectives, energy profile and challenges. By completing an audit of your estate and ambitions, we diagnose opportunities for action.
  • Identify; Our energy strategy and Solution Development team translate identified opportunities into options that meet your needs.
  • Design; Our design team will then look to create a bespoke technical solution for your organisation
  • Finance; Our commercial experts can offer a range of capital purchase or flexible financing options, working with you to ensure your organisation minimises risk and secures any necessary funding.
  • Deploy; Our installation team will build and integrate the solution into your site(s)
  • Maintain; Post deployment, our Operations and Maintenance teams continue our commitment to your organisation with a range of aftercare solutions that ensure optimal operation and ongoing value
  • Optimize; Our teams will regularly and proactively investigate opportunities for improvement and optimization of your energy estate,