Why Utility Billing analytica Ltd?

Visualize your energy with real-time data to holistically manage your consumption, and improve operational efficiency.


SWOT Analysis

Strength: Association with Secure net leading meter providers




A Premium service to customers through subscriptions service and payment for services to members at discounted rate in resolving their personal or business problems with the sole power provider in the country KPLC. We will resolve the problem for the customer remotely end-end without their personal engagement.


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Subscription fees

  1. KES 1,000 per year for an individual
  2. KES 5,000 per corporates
  3. Charges on the services provided (deposit before and balance after service delivery)

How our app works

Clients will register on our app or website and also register the complaints or work needed to be done too. Business calls will also be part of the system.

Extras for the members

A hub on information on tools, latest trends and other opportunities arising in the energy value chain


Efficient energy for everyone

Integrates 3rd party utility meters such as gas, heat, water, and air flow for a complete view of your energy.