The 1st third party Bill validation consultancy in Kenya


Visualize your energy with real-time data, to holistically manage your consumption, reduce spend, and improve operational efficiency

Who We Are

Full-Service Company solving every kind of Electricity and Water Billing problems

A premium service to customers through subscriptions service and payment for services to members at a discounted rate in resolving their personal or business problems with utilities. We will resolve the problem for the customer remotely end-end without their personal engagement.

How can we help you?

Bill validation service

Up to 30% of utility supplier bills are understood to be incorrect, so it makes sense to trust expert validators to ensure you only pay for what you

Information on Power consumptions

We will provide the latest trends and innovation in power supply and information

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

We offer solution to your energy and water challenges through alternative saving solutions through water and energy audits.

Why we do this

  1. Creating visibility to energy usage and ability to proactively manage.
  2. Improve your business performance and drive your energy strategy with real time energy intelligence
  3. To generate New additional  revenues by becoming a reseller of energy
  4. Integrate 3rd party utility meters such as gas, heat, water, and air flow for a complete view of your energy.
  5. To create environment where our customers can understand their bill through Energy validation service referred as Bill Poa

Why are we great and unique

  • Innovative partnership that have seen us monitor more the 10 million meters over across the Globe.
  • We understand billing and the pains of consumers
  • Customers are frustrated with high bills looking for solutions and seeking comfort

Are you having a challenge of Utilities?

  • High power bills
  • Understanding of the bill
  • Turning energy into strategic resource
  • Improving efficiency and reducing cost 
  • Complying with regulations
  • Power and water quality
  • Lack of monitoring of bills